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Notes: The program's executable file runs a download manager that downloads the actual program file. The total final size is 466.54 MB.

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QuickBooks Simple Start help and info

  • What is QuickBooks Simple Start?

    Simple Start is a basic, downloadable version of QuickBooks. It is primarily aimed at small businesses with less than 100 employees, and it aims to simplify accounting and allow business owners to focus on core business.

  • Is QuickBooks Simple Start free?

    This version of QuickBooks is free to download. While it is missing some of the more advanced features of the paid versions, the basic accounting features are available. As the name suggests, it is a simple, free and quick way of getting started with QuickBooks.

  • What features does QuickBooks Simple Start have compared to the paid versions?

    Simple Start has the important basic function of tracking income and expenditure in real time; it also automatically generates invoices and tracks payments to accounts receivable. There is a facility to allow access to data for company accountants, as well as a payroll add-on and a feature that automatically writes cheques for creditors. The software can also automatically download lists of bank and credit card transactions.

  • Is QuickBooks Simple Start Safe?

    Yes, completely. This is a fully licensed version of the QuickBooks software from Intuit, the developer responsible for the QuickBooks product range. It is downloaded through a reputable file repository, so both the software and the download source are safe and free from viruses and malware.

  • How do I install QuickBooks Simple Start?

    Installing Simple Start is easy and fast with one click. The executable file contains an integrated download manager, removing the necessity to download software from questionable sources. The files only require 466.54 MB of available storage space.

  • What platforms support QuickBooks Simple Start?

    At this time, the software is only available on desktop systems. The operating systems that support Simple Start are Windows 7,8, Vista and XP.

  • How do I get started using QuickBooks Simple Start?

    The software comes with a set of two-minute interactive tutorials to enable you to learn how to get the most out of QuickBooks. There is also a range of educational information on the developer's website.

  • What support is available for QuickBooks Simple Start?

    QuickBooks technical support staff are available to immediately answer any technical queries via telephone, email or live chat. They can view your progress through the software, and also offer advice on migrating existing data from other accounting platforms.

  • Will QuickBooks Simple Start generate reports?

    Yes. Even as a basic version, the software will generate reports such as profit and loss and balance sheets. There are 20+ types of report that can be generated to enable business owners to have a real-time overview of their operation. Reports can also be customised to suit the needs and structure of the business.

  • Will QuickBooks Simple Start help me with tax assessment?

    Yes. The software is optimised to provide users with all the information they need for self-assessment at their fingertips. Accounting dates can be entered into the software to automatically generate tax information at the end of each tax period, simplifying tax assessment.